Who we are

We specialize in manufacturing CNC centers to process hard and tough materials such as steel and titanium with precision and speed.

Where does our experience come from?

Our company is founded on the experience of many maintenance technicians who travelled around Italy every single day to repair machines from various manufacturers. This experience has led us to create different state-of-the-art technological solutions, which are suitable to solve many common problems related to numerically controlled centers during heavy machining of hard and tough materials.

We know all too well that every square meter of your warehouse has a value, and every production has its own particularities and requirements. For this reason, our philosophy has always been to create moving column machining centers that are perfectly suited to each customer’s needs and to the space available to place it. We offer customized solutions for a wide range of industries, from aeronautics and mold making to precision machining.

About us

Specialists in processing hard and tough materials.

Vibration and its consequences, excessive tool consumption, reduced cutting depths and speeds… these are some of the most common problems of all CNC centers during the machining of tough materials.

To solve them, we created 3 lines of machines – VMC, EMERA and TALOS – that can face 24/7 heavy machining for dozens of years with the same precision and speed.

From the construction of reinforced frames to the choice of higher-performance technologies, everything is designed to make the CNC milling machines able to tackle hard and tough materials with precision and speed. Thanks to our experience on the field and knowledge of industry issues, we strive every day to ensure reliable and tangible results, minimizing machine downtime and its maintenance costs.

Our key machines


Fresatrice CNC a 5 assi VMC

Designed for single and series machining of tough materials such as steel and titanium.

The mobile mast combined with the DualDrive Technology system make this machine extremely rigid and precise, ideal for processing medium-large parts with important capacities.

Axis X 1.000 – 10.000 mm
Axis Y 600 – 1.250 mm
Axis Z 600 – 1.000 mm


Emera moving column milling machine - RAM

Designed to perform heavy exports on tough materials such as steel and titanium.

The Box-in-box structure combined with the octagonal RAM and the DualDrive Technology system make this machine extremely rigid and robust, ideal for processing medium-large parts with capacities up to 10 tons.

Axis X 3.000 – 10.000 mm
Axis Y 1.000 – 1.250 mm
Axis Z 1.000 – 1.500 mm


Fresatrice a portale mobile gantry Talos

Designed to last over time by performing heavy machining on large metal components.

Octagonal RAM with Caging System combined with the particular construction of the frame, the crossbar and the shoulders make this machine extremely rigid and robust.

Axis X 7.000 – 24.000 mm
Axis Y 2.000 – 4.550 mm
Axis Z 1.000 – 2.650 mm