CNC machine tools for machining hard and tough materials

Construction of 5- and multi-axis CNC milling machines for heavy machining of hard and tough materials with precision and speed


Machine tool construction

We specialize in the construction of machine tools for heavy machining on hard and tough materials, such as steel and titanium.

Extreme strength, stability and precision make our
CNC machining centers
particularly suitable for machining operations that require high speed and greater export capacity than standard machines.

machine tool manufacturers
It is no longer necessary to adapt your shed to the machine;
are our machines to adapt to the space you have.
machine tool construction

We are one of the few machine tool manufacturers in Italy specializing in the design, construction, retrofitting and technical support of CNC machinery, both our own and other brands.

In addition to CNC construction, we offer comprehensive service that continues into after-sales, ensuring fast and effective interventions. We devote special attention to technical support in order to ensure the functionality and productivity of our customers’ machines over time, quickly supplying any kind of spare parts: new, overhauled or manufactured.

Our production headquarters is located in Padua, but we operate throughout the country through dealers and dislocated retailers.

Our key machines


Fresatrice CNC a 5 assi VMC

Designed for single and series machining of tough materials such as steel and titanium.

The mobile mast combined with the DualDrive Technology system make this machine extremely rigid and precise, ideal for processing medium-large parts with important capacities.

Axis X 1.000 – 10.000 mm
Axis Y 600 – 1.250 mm
Axis Z 600 – 1.000 mm


Emera moving column milling machine - RAM

Designed to perform heavy exports on tough materials such as steel and titanium.

The Box-in-box structure combined with the octagonal RAM and the DualDrive Technology system make this machine extremely rigid and robust, ideal for processing medium-large parts with capacities up to 10 tons.

Axis X 3.000 – 10.000 mm
Axis Y 1.000 – 1.250 mm
Axis Z 1.000 – 1.500 mm


Fresatrice a portale mobile gantry Talos

Designed to last over time by performing heavy machining on large metal components.

Octagonal RAM with Caging System combined with the particular construction of the frame, the crossbar and the shoulders make this machine extremely rigid and robust.

Axis X 7.000 – 24.000 mm
Axis Y 2.000 – 4.550 mm
Axis Z 1.000 – 2.650 mm

Other machines and services

Special Machines

Thanks to our experience in building custom machine tools, we also make special machines for special and/or very complex machining. These solutions help optimize schedules and decrease production costs.


We perform mechanical and electronic retrofits on CNC machines of many brands. With this type of intervention, we are able to extend their useful life while maintaining or even improving their performance.

What does quality mean?

The quality and reliability in machinery construction depends mainly on the raw materials used and additional components.

That is why we fit only those components that enable our machines to work under stress and with maximum precision for dozens of years, at a significantly lower operating cost (often more than halved) than comparable machines.

Yes, we are not yet a large company with half a century of history, however, we have the experience and vertical technical knowledge that allows us to build customized machine tools with very high reliability and precision.

Vouching for these words are all our customers who, after trying our machines, never want to go back.

Become one of them too!

Italian machine tools
“Our goal is to build heavy-duty Italian machine tools that perfectly fit your production and the space you have available. From design to assembly, everything is made under one roof by controlling every single stage of machining.”
Emiliano Volpato

founding partner of Vitech