moving column milling machine up to 8 axes

Multi-axis milling center for heavy removal on tough materials such as steel and titanium.
Emera moving column milling machine

Born to tackle tough materials

The Emera moving-column milling machine is designed to attack very hard and tough materials with high removal capacity.

Emera moving column milling machine - Vitech

Rigidity and precision

The Box-in-box design combined with the octagonal RAM and DualDrive Technology system make this moving column milling machine extremely rigid and sturdy, ideal for machining medium to large workpieces with capacities up to 10 tons.


With its automatic head-change system, Emera can transform from a 5/8-axis milling machine to a vertical lathe with a vaulting diameter of 2,000 mm in just a few minutes (optional).


Customizable X, Y, Z axes

  • X axis from 3,000mm up to 10,000mm
  • Y axis from 600mm up to 1,250mm
  • Z axis from 600mm up to 1,500mm

Some examples of EMERA milling machines’ configuration

5 axis moving column milling machine - Vitech

Box-in-Box Construction

To minimize vibration and bending during heavy removals, EMERA moving-column milling machines are built with the Box-in-Box system, which shifts drive forces toward the center of gravity. Sturdy slide rails support the ram on both sides and distribute forces evenly to ensure high speed and acceleration.

The result is a large material removal capacity while maintaining high levels of precision throughout the machine volume.

5 axis moving column milling machine - RAM

Octagonal RAM

The octagonal RAM represents a unique structure that provides excellent stiffness and does not undergo dimensional changes due to increased temperature. It also perfectly absorbs all vibrations generated by cutting forces during heavy machining.

Unlike square RAMs, this system does not require the use of preload tie rods, as the octagonal geometry itself minimizes RAM dropping during useful stroke.

Moving column milling machine - Vitech

DualDrive Technology

Thanks to DualDrive Technology, with rack and two pinion gears, we can guarantee significantly higher precision, speed and stable acceleration than that of other conventional systems, reaching values of up to 40 m/s and 1 m/s2.

Compared to a recirculating ball screw, this system always remains very accurate over the years, quieter, not sensitive to wear, reducing downtime and zeroing maintenance expenses*.

In addition, compared with the linear motor, it can reduce power consumption by up to 5 times* without producing heat.


moving column milling machine - heads

RAM heads

All the heads we use are at 360,000 torque positions. This means that they are not restricted to specific angles, such as the index ones, but can work in any position of rotation of half-body C and half-body A.

Automatic head gearbox
To perform different machining operations automatically, EMERA moving-column milling machine can be equipped with the rapid head change system. This makes it possible to turn a 5-axis milling machine into a multitasking machining center, ready to perform several machining operations with a single machine.


Other special features

Emera - technical data

Emera moving column milling machine - data

Technical Data

Model L XL
X-axis (longitudinal,mm) 3.000-10.000 3.000-10.000
Y axis (transverse, mm) 1.000 1.250
Z axis (vertical, mm) 1.000/1.350/1.500 1.000/1.350/1.500
Machine weight 40.000(x=4.000) 40.000(x=4.000)
Max. cantilever deflection (mm) 0.02 0.02
Table size (mm) 1.000/1.300 x 3.500-10.500
T-slot/pitch size DIN 650
Maximum capacity (kg.) 9.000
Y-axis Rapids (mm/min) 40.000
Y-axis Rapids (mm/min) 40.000
Y-axis Rapids (mm/min) 40.000
Max X-axis acceleration (m/s2) 2,5
Y-axis max acceleration (m/s2) 2,5
Z-axis max acceleration (m/s2) 2,5
Tool change
Mechanism Automatic
Tool places 30, 60, 90, 120
Max tool diameter (mm) 100
Max diam. without adjacent (mm) 200
Max tool length (mm) 300
Average tool change time 3 sec.
Max. tool weight (kg) 15

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