Technical Assistance

We guarantee you technical support 24/7 and we always keep a spare parts warehouse available so that we can intervene at any time to restart the machine.
Vitech Technical Assistance

What does it mean to have good after-sales service?

For us at Vitech, it means taking action in in 24 or 48 hours time and getting the machine back on track no matter what.


Because a broken machine means lost production and lost income.

Our machines have been designed to work without any breaks 24/7 for dozens of years; however no one has the antidote against accidental collisions or unexpected breakage .

For this very reason, we guarantee technical support within 24/48 hours, and we always keep a spare parts warehouse to be able to intervene at any time and restart the machine. With us, you will always have direct contact with your trusted technician, bypassing the call center and long callback waits.

Do you need any technical assistance for your machine?

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