CNC gantry milling machine

Designed to machine large and complex machine structures or steel parts without repositioning them

Talos 5-axis gantry machining center

Talos is the mobile gantry milling machine designed for those who need to perform heavy machining on metal structures of machinery or complex steel parts without repositioning them, optimizing time and final accuracies.


Rigidity and precision

The octagonal RAM with Caging System, combined with the special construction of the frame, cross beam and shoulders, make this gantry milling machine extremely rigid and sturdy, with many possibilities for customization according to the type of machining and available space.


This gantry machining center meets the most specific needs of all industries, from industry to precision machining, from mold making to aerospace machining.

Customizable X, Y, Z axes

  • X axis from 7,000mm up to 24,000mm
  • Passage between uprights from 2,000mm up to 4,500mm
  • Z axis from 1,000mm up to 2,650mm

Configuration examples of VMC milling machines

Basic table

This configuration of our VMC 5-axis CNC milling machines offers the ability to machine simple 3-axis workpieces. With the use of the bulkhead attachment, it is possible to work in pendular mode, increasing productivity and decreasing tooling downtime.

Drowned board + Tilting head

With this configuration, it is possible to machine the workpiece on 5 faces, that is, in one positioning. The rotary table positions parts at different angles for five-sided machining, or provides simultaneous 5-axis motion. Especially suitable for machining large workpieces with minimal pivot loss

5-axis machining with rotobascule

With this configuration, small parts can be machined on 5 faces, that is, in one positioning. The tilt rotary table positions parts at different angles for five-sided machining, or provides fast simultaneous 5-axis motion for complex, heavy-duty contouring and machining.

Machining with 2-axis head

With this configuration, it is possible to machine the workpiece on 5 faces, that is, in one positioning. The use of the 2-axis head combined with an extended worktable allows the machining of very long workpieces.

Talos gantry milling machine

The portal’s structure

The modules that make up the frame of this gantry milling machine are made in a carpentry; therefore, they do not have the limitations imposed by casting and can be easily redesigned to make maximum use of the shed area. Thanks to the special construction of the bearing modules, Talos can reach up to 4.5 meters of passage between posts and up to 24 meters of X-axis length without loss in performance.

The two side shoulders can be customized in height to have the clearance between stol and traverse depending on the workpieces to be machined, regardless of the Z-axis travel.

gantry milling machine - changing heads

Semi-automatic head gearbox

Different tools, heads, and parameters must be used often to perform different types of processing on the semi-finished metal product. Talos’ semi-automatic exchange system allows different heads to be used with more suitable tools and spindles for each type of machining.

For example, after roughing, the head can be changed to another one for finishing, having high-speed electrospindle but less torque; or to a fork for doing undercuts at different angles, or an extension snout to get into more difficult pockets.

In addition, using a special turning head, Talos can be transformed from a 5-axis continuous milling machine to a vertical lathe in minutes.

Talos cnc portal milling machine

DualDrive on the X- and Y-axis

Thanks to DualDrive Technology, with rack and pinion and two pinion gearboxes, we can guarantee significantly higher precision, speed and stable acceleration than conventional systems in both X and Y axes.

Compared with a recirculating ball screw, this system always remains very accurate over the years, quieter, not sensitive to wear, reducing downtime and zeroing maintenance expenses*.

It reduces power consumption by up to 5 times* compared to the linear motor, without producing heat. *read more in this article

cnc gantry milling machine

Portal milling machine with vertical turning

To transform from a 5-axis gantry milling machine to a vertical lathe, Talos can be equipped with a vertical turning unit that includes a head and a rotary table. In this configuration, the stol table is shortened to make room for the turning table, which can also be used as a work surface.

Thanks to the torque motor and special bearings, this table can carry up to 10,000 kg with a vaulting diameter of up to 2,000 mm. Workpiece clamping systems are always designed together with the customer and can be rotomors, self-locking, schunk turtles or others.

Ram Octagonal gantry milling machine

Forged octagonal RAM

During heavy-duty machining with a large RAM range, vibration and torsion are unavoidable consequences. In the classical system with roller pads, on which the RAM slides, the contact surface is very small and as a result micro-oscillations are not damped. Out of the 12 skids used in size 65, the total contact area of the rollers does not exceed 35 cm2 on average.

To solve this problem, Talos gantry work center was born with a fully slinged octagonal RAM made of forged steel. This construction provides excellent rigidity, does not undergo dimensional changes (due to increased temperature) and perfectly absorbs all vibrations generated by cutting forces during heavy machining.

 Talos gantry milling machine

RAM caging system

The Caging System is a special system that totally harnesses the RAM and increases the rigidity of the wagon. This construction minimizes the distance between the RAM and the crossbar and allows for the disproportion of the caged part compared to the exposed part. Considering the standard, where the ratio is 1:1, the Caging System allows the RAM to go out 2,650 mm with only 1,500 mm of sling length, always maintaining very high stiffness and reducing the height of the machine.

 Talos gantry milling machine

RAM heads

All heads mounted on our Talos gantry milling machines are 360,000 torque positions. This means that they are not constrained to a specific angle, such as the index ones, but can work in any position of rotation of half-body C and half-body A.

Regardless of the choice to have one or more accessory heads, the Talos gantry machining center is always equipped with the quick release system that allows the head to be detached for potential maintenance or repair due to accidental collision.

Other special features

Talos - technical data

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